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Why is Trump Off the Hook in MeToo Movement? Because We Let Him Off

In the now daily roll call of sexual-harassment reckonings for men in Hollywood, media, academia and politics, one is conspicuously missing.

It’s the No. 1 question I’ve been hearing of late from Seattle readers. It’s great, they say, that we’re finally having it out about some men’s mistreatment of women. But what about the man at the very top?

“The MeToo movement is generations overdue, and I know the important thing is that it leads to lasting change,” one Seattle woman wrote to me. “So I shouldn’t get partisan with it. But … why the hell is Trump the only one who is immune?”

Great question! More than a dozen women came forward last year alleging Donald Trump had in some way physically violated them, and one of the women retains an active civil suit against him (all the other claims were beyond the statute of limitations)...

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