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Mentoring Matters: How More Women Can Get The Right People In Their Corner

It's well established that the economic empowerment of women isn't just good for women, it's good for everyone. Likewise, there is a growing body of evidence (including the latest report by McKinsey & Co) showing that  when more women sit at the decision-making tables, better decisions are made.

Yet despite record numbers of women graduating college and entering the workforce, data still points to a 'leaky pipeline' - a large chasm between the number of women starting out on the professional track and how many advancing to senior positions.  One of the many ways we can help to 'leak-proof' this pipeline is through mentoring. That is, getting more people already in positions of influence actively supporting, sponsoring and guiding the careers of women as they progress through their careers, particularly at pivotal decision points.

While some debate the merit of mentorship within its traditional parameters, when it’s expanded to include sponsorship and advocacy, it’s proven to be a critical element of success by providing protégés with the opportunity to broaden their perspective, build social capital, navigate organizational politics more strategically, and muster up the confidence to ‘lean in’ and speak up when it matters most. In male-dominated professions, where women often face even greater challenges in building networks and embracing feminine leadership strengths, mentoring has proven even more paramount...

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