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Large Scale Partnerships Will Push Innovation

This week, Domino’s and Ford announced a corporate partnership that will enable Ford to use autonomous cars to deliver Domino’s pizza to customers in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.

While it might not be the first thing to come to mind, the partnership makes a great deal of sense once one considers Ford and Domino’s ambitions. The former hopes to advance its self-driving technology and compete in the coming rise of autonomous vehicles. The latter hopes to continue to find new and efficient ways to deliver pizza while advancing a brand that has, rather surprisingly, become quite integrated with technological advancements. In Ford’s autonomous driving prototypes, Domino’s can participate in a grand experiment without making a prohibitively expensive technological investment. In Domino’s deliveries, Ford has the opportunity to test its technology in real life situations. Both companies have the opportunity to test how consumers, confronted with this new technology, will interact with a driverless future.

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